m - functional

The collection by KSFH/kristianstylingfashionhair/ collection winter 2017 - 2018

The story: A rich rock n roll inspiration with a lot of feminine feeling. It is spicy, sexy, cool and very beautyful. The m - functional ladies are rockin but in designers clothes – not in old jeans and sneakers … they have a rockin taste style.  

Haircuts: Disconections are nessesery in panel sections but in a harmonic (not agresive way), to achive softnes, mouvment texture and beauty in one.  

Haircolor: Flowing tehnics with deepness and lihts! We are not speaking in a color direction, we are speaking in a color expression - but staying harmonic. Warm with warm, cool with cool, pastel with pastel!  

Styling: Multifuncional - with one hair cut&color different stylings! Wavy, curly, textured or smoth! Let it rock!

Cut and styling: Kristijan Petek for KSFH
Colour: Marco Beltram for KSFH
Make up: Marco Žagar for KSFH
Photo: Rok Tržan