collection SPRING-SUMMER 2012

Shapes: A lot of mouving and also a posibiltity to style smoth & strong or texuristed &funky. It can look femine and strong or funky and sexy

Cuts: A mixture from different cutting tehnics, sections are not conntected-,-what gives a lot of varitions to style. all the cuts are very precise - even if they are dissconected. Combinations from graduation and layering, and blunt lines to point cut.

Color: The color tehnics show with flowing shadows parts of the longest pieces . deepnethness at the roths , connected medium tone at the middle and shines or contrast and the ends are flowing together

Hair: Kristijan Petek for Ksfh Color: Marko Beltram for Ksfh Make up: Marko Zagar for Ksfh Foto: P.Marinsek for Ksfh Powered by: Schwarzkopf Proffesional