»In da mouve« collection ATUMN /WINTER 2008/2009

»In da mouve«

It is a mix of different styles and combinations, a mix between feminine and gothic, a mix between clean shapes and undone expression, a mix between shine and matt, a mix between right and wrong. »In da mouve« is a catwalk feeling with a big casual touch.

Inspirations: designers & catwalks: Paul Smith, Balenciaga, Aleksander McQueen ... As the focal point we took the ideas from our previous collection, but moved them into new dimensions and let them grow through the season into "in da mouve"
cuts: undercuts, disconnections, lots of graduations and one lenghts from the top, even to one lines. We combinated different cutting technics in one style.

Colours: contrasts of warm and cold. A lot of undercolour technics are back again for creating deepness, and overcolour technics for softness and movement . It is not the feeling that comes from very dark undercolour and very light overcolour, it is a harmonic feeling which can be more or less visible. For extreme effects there are internal contrasts from the middle.

Styling: combinations from matt and glossing products, combinations from flattening to kremping and undone curling. Every look has the feeling that it is "In da mouve".

hair: kristijan petek & ksfh creative team
make up: avrelija
foto: p.marinšek
haircosmetics: schwarzkopf professional